Our Mission

Our Mission is to achieve excellence in the formulation and implementation of Customs and Excise initiatives aimed at:

  • realising the revenues in a fair, equitable and efficient manner
  • administering the Government's economic, tariff and trade policies with a practical and pragmatic approach
  • facilitating trade and industry by streamlining and simplifying Customs and Excise processes and helping Indian business to enhance its competitiveness
  • creating a climate for voluntary compliance by providing guidance and building mutual trust
  • combating revenue evasion, commercial frauds and social menace in an effective manner

 Our Commitment

We shall carry out our tasks with

  • integrity and judiciousness
  • courtesy and understanding
  • objectivity and transparency
  • promptness and efficiency

We shall encourage and assist voluntary tax compliance by our clients.

 Our Strategy

To achieve our mission, we would focus on-

  • Enhancing the use of Information Technology
  • Streamlining Customs and Excise procedures
  • Encouraging voluntary compliance
  • Evolving cooperative initiatives
  • Assisting in the formulation of Tariff Policies
  • Combating revenue evasion, commercial frauds and social menace effectively
  • Measuring conformance to service delivery standards
  • Developing professionalism and responsibility
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