Public Notice

Public Notice No. 03/2019-20 dated, 21.10.2019

Public Notice No. 04/2017-18 dated, 29.11.2017

 Approval of CHA Licence to Shri Shrikant Sharma
 Notfn. No. 1/2017 dtd. 30.03.2017
 Public Notice No. 3/2017 dtd. 06.03.2017
 Public Notice No. 3/2016 dtd. 23.9.916
 Trade Notice No. 01/2017 dated, 16.06.2017 (Jurisdictional Notification after rolling out of GST w.e.f.1.7.2017)
 Review of machanism to ensure probity among Govt. Servant
 Submission of immovable property return (IPR) for the year 2016
 Observance of Vigilance Week - 2016

 Public Notice No. 03/2016-17-Customs dated 23.9.2016

 Presidential Award of Appreciation Certificates to be announced on the occasion of the Republic Day, 2017
Note on concept and status & PowerPoint presentation on GST
Instruction regarding provisional attachment of property under section 73 of Finance Act
Centralised Databank of Govt. Land

intimation of date of 'interview for appointment of Senior & Junior Standing Counsels

Public Notice No. 06/2015-RTI dated 06.01.2016
Public Notice No. 02/2015-Cus dated 05.01.2016
Public Notice No. 02/2016-Cus dated 02.09.2016
Office Memorandum on Review of Mechanism to ensure probity among Govt. servant

Appointment of Senior - Junior councel - extention of date (Hindi Version) reg

Appointment of Senior - Junior councel - advertisement of extention of date reg
Nomination for the Padma Awards to be announced on the occassion of Republic Day, 2017
Instructions and Form for Appointment of Senior and Junior Standing Councels
Appointment of Special Public Prosecutor (SPP)
PUBLIC NOTICE-01/2016(CUSTOMS) dated 1.4.2016
Extention of e-payment deadline and of banking hour
Imposition of Central Excise Duty on Jewellery - Constitution of sub committee of the High Level Committee
Public Notice No. 06/2016-RTI dated 06.01.2016
Public Notice No. 03/2016-Customs dated 12.01.2015
Notfn. No. 01/2016-Cus dated 12.01.2016
Notfn. No. 02/2016-Cus dated 12.01.2016
Public Notice No. 02/2016
 Public Notice 01/2015 - Functioning of Ombudsman for Bhopal Zone

Public Notice for designation of the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO)dtd. 29.07.2015

Public Notice No. 04/2014-Customs dtd. 23.07.2014
Public Notice No. 03/2014-Customs dtd. 6.6.2014
Public Notice No. 02/2014-Customs dtd. 6.5.2014
Public Notice No. 07/2013-Service Tax dtd. 24.12.2013
Public Notice No. 06/2013-Service Tax dtd. 10.12.2013
Public Notice No. 05/2013-Service Tax dtd. 27.11.2013
Public Notice No. 04/2013-Service Tax dtd. 5.9.2013
Public Notice No. 03/2013-Service Tax dtd. 29.8.2013
Public Notice No. 01/2013-Service Tax dtd. 4.6.2013
Notification No. 01/2013-ST dtd. 22.5.2013
Public Notice No. 1/2009-10 dtd. 26.06.2009
Public Notice No. 2/2009-10 dtd. 17.03.2010
Public Notice No. 3/2009-10 dtd. 18.03.2010
Public Notice No. 4/2009-10 dtd. 25.03.2010
Public Notice No. 1/2010-11 dtd. 09.04.2010
Public Notice No. 05/2010-CUSTOMS dtd. 20.09.2010
Public Notice No. 06/2010-CUSTOMS dtd. 20.09.2010
Public Notice No. 9/2010-CUSTOMS dtd. 24.09.2010
Public Notice No. 10/2010-CUSTOMS dtd. 24.09.2010
Public Notice No. 11/2010-CUSTOMS dtd. 24.09.2010
Public Notice No. 12/2010-CUSTOMS dtd. 24.09.2010
Public Notice No. 13/2010-CUSTOMS dtd. 24.09.2010


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